Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

How to Lower High Cholesterol without Medicines

Approximately a month ago, I feel sore around the back. From waking up until bedtime again, soreness did not disappear.

Then I consulted with doctors, and are advised to check cholesterol. Armed with a letter, I became came to the nearest health center. Unfortunately, there are only a tool to measure the total. However, it has an accuracy rate of about 95 percent or close to the results of measurements using the blood in the laboratory. And the result, quite astonishing: 241.

Apparently, a thin body does not prevent me from high cholesterol, fried chicken lovers will understand my side of the road, all sorts of fried foods, cooking pastures berkuah coconut milk and the factors that most influence may be due to my lack of exercise, you could say rarely exercise.

and today, through examination of blood chemistry in the lab, thank God, my cholesterol is back to normal. with the results of: triglycerides 90 mg / dl (<200), Cholesterol 173 mg / dl (<200), HDL-cholesterol 44.8 mg / dl (35-55) and LDL-cholesterol 109.8 mg / dl (<130).


turns out the easiest way to lower cholesterol is by exercising regularly, at least 15-30 minutes / 5 times a week, and avoid foods with high cholesterol levels. That's it? without drugs?

Yes. The doctor said my private (meaning my wife, She is a doctor: D), all can come down without medication, it is better. The trick is the diet / reducing foods high in cholesterol and diligent exercise. To borrow the tagline of a milk ad health: trust me, it works!

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Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

Diet Soda, Stroke Risk

For many people who have problems with weight and trying to do a diet, trying to choose the appropriate food intake with the diet program. One of them, who likes to drink soda, diet soda would choose. But there are less encouraging news for fans of diet soda, the drink was not a healthier alternative as expected. A recent study showed that diet sodas increase the risk for stroke, myocardial infarction, and death due to vascular disorders. "People who drink diet soda per day had 61% higher risk of vascular events than those who reported not drinking soda," said Chairman of the research team, Hannah Gardener, ScD, an epidemiologist from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida, told reporters attending a press conference at the International Stroke Conference.

The risk persists after control for metabolic syndrome, peripheral vascular disease, and a history of heart disease (relative risk, 1.48; 95% confidence interval, 1.03 to 2.12). "This is a preliminary report of this association," a spokesman for the American Stroke Association, Larry Goldstein, MD. "I think it would be nice if done in moderation kalayak to see and consider this information in the context of risk factors other .."

The researchers examined 2,500 people who participated in the multiethnic study in Northern Manhattan. Participants were asked to report how many and what kind of soda they drink.
After a follow-up for approximately 9.3 years, there were 559 cases of vascular disorders, including ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

The researchers also observed a significant slightly increased risk for vascular disorders among those who consume diet sodas every day and drink a soda once or more a month (adjusted relative risk, 1.74; 95% confidence interval, 0.96 to 3.16) .

As reported by the Medscape Medical News, the previous studies have revealed an association between diet soda consumption and the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and diabetes. But this is the first diet drinks have been linked to vascular disorders. "This is an observational study and not a prospective randomized trial," said Dr. Goldstein, of the Duke Stroke Center, in Durham, North Carolina, explains. "This is only an association and have not proven a causal relationship."
The researchers acknowledge that further research needs to be done. Potential mechanism to determine the relationship between diet soda and vascular events remain unsolved.

What should the doctor advised his patient based on the information we have today? Steven Greenberg, MD, of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, suggested that the patient begin a healthy diet and regular exercise. "When the metabolic syndrome and diabetes risk has been resolved, then we need to consider reducing the consumption of soda." Dr.Greenberg is vice chairman of the Committee of the International Stroke Conference, and during the interview he suggested that the patient does not need to rush to eliminate the diet drinks.
"I think this is a warning sign," he said, "and we need seriously."
The research was funded by the Javits award from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the Evelyn McKnight Brain Institute.

Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

Tackling Allergy Tips

Allergy, surely we all already know the term. Almost everyone on earth has the symptoms of allergy to something, such as cat allergies, the same dog, and even there the same food allergies. Symptoms of allergies can be through various ways such as sneezing, coughing or red spots on skin itch.

Alluding to this allergy problem, what exactly was the cause of allergies?

Allergies are caused by allergens or allergy triggers certain factors. These allergens can come from food, drugs, dust, animal hair or other things. Of these allergens, then there arises a reaction associated with immune system or immune system.

Because the allergens are considered the same body as the bacteria or a foreign object, then from the ubuh we will automatically release histamine (substance). This histamine that cause allergy symptoms to us. The more histamine that is released by the body, the more severe allergy symptoms also us.

Allergies make us less well while undergoing our daily activities. For that I want to share how to deal with this allergy. The first is to always be vigilant if we want to choose foods, especially foods that are in the box yes. Read the ingredients and look carefully, lest it turns out one of the ingredients contain artificial food that makes us allergic.

If we are allergic to the same drug, you should ask the same physician, wrote what drugs are less suitable for us because the drug can make kia be allergic. Then if we are allergic to dust, you should always clean the house regularly, room and other rooms every day. So the dust that is in another room or can be reduced.

Information so that I can share tips on dealing with allergies. Hopefully this posting healthy tips can be useful and beneficial for all of us ...

Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

A glass Coffee A Million Inspiration

A glass coffee it might inspire a million that will come out of their mouths coffee lovers. I am very confident even though you are not a coffee connoisseur would never drink coffee. Drinks are very popular anywhere in the world. The aroma is tantalizing taste tempting. There is a coffee that accompany the faithful love or sorrow.

For women a hobby may rarely drink coffee with a variety of reasons. Sekedaruntuk add a science course was very beneficial for the beauty of coffee. Kandugan contained in coffee sangatbaik to skin health. Such as coffee powder can be used as an ingredient in some scrub. Coffee also enjoyed the spa for beauty salons in the present with the aroma of coffee is very special. Caffeine contained in coffee to soften the skin that is used in skin creams.

By acting as vasorestrictor caffeine can also tighten and shrink blood vessels. This process can effectively reduce the appearance of varicose veins. In the study contained a lot of benefits for the skin and can turn the skin so as not to look dull. Those that use coffee as a reliever fishy smell of fish, the smell of garlic and the other by the hand rub.

Women are very concerned about the appearance what else faces. With coffee we can neutralize the skin is irritated, a member of nutrients on the skin, remove acne scars, plek and black stains. Coffee also remove dead skin cells and repair damaged skin tissue.

According to Harvard Women's Health, coffee also may reduce the risk of diabetes, the formation of kidney stones, colon cancer, Parkinson's disease, liver damage (cirrhosis), heart disease and prevent cognitive decline in brain power.

Whatever we do must be in accordance with the portion, if melebihan limits it will be many mudharatnya. Likewise with minumkopi excessive caffeine content in coffee is addictive can cause negative effects. Caffeine affects the cardiovascular system such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. Sometimes the coffee does not slap the time can also cause insomnia, nervous easily, headache, feeling tense and irritable.

"O Children of Adam, wear beautiful clothes every (enter) the mosque, eat and drink, and be not extravagant. Allah loves not those who exaggerated ". (Surat al-A `RAAF: 31)

Research on the relationship of coffee consumption with miscarriage does not provide uniform conclusions. However, for the safety of pregnant women are advised not to drink more than one cup of coffee a day.

Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

Keep Your Eyes Healthy !!

To make your eyes stay healthy and be able to see something obvious and clear for both distance and near should do the following:?

1. Watching Television Never Too Close Safe, distance for watching television is not one of 2 meters for the tv size of 14 inches. For a more wide-screen automatic greater distance. Watching a movie theater screen should also take the rearmost seat.

2. Work / Play Computer Never Too Old Get used to spending time in the move in front of a computer screen. For example every 15 or 30 minutes once a rest to see that far away for five to ten minutes so the eyes are not always in a state of tension due to see the screen with a very close distance.

3. Reading Books
Read a book a safe distance is 30 cm. If too close to be able to create eye strain and lead to nearsightedness in the long run. Reading books is also not allowed while sleeping. Information was also be quite such a bright fluorescent lights. Thus the health of the eye will remain intact.

4. Avoid Dust And Pollution
For those of you who often move on the highway such as motorcycle taxi drivers, policemen, thugs, public transportation drivers, couriers, etc. should use eye protection such as goggles and helmets that look in the mirror. Avoid dust into the eyes because it can make the eyes so the infection and makes the eyes cataracts.
5. Eat Nutritious Food, Fiber and vitamin A
Eyes need to intake of substances that are nutritious and vitamin sufficient to maintain the condition of keeping fit. Get used to eating foods that are fibrous and have adequate nutrient content. You can also consume or  food supplements containing vitamin A like carrots, avocado, tomato, papaya, etc. Keep your eye health so that you do not suffer because they have to wear glasses constantly.

With healthy eyes you have plenty of opportunities to penetrate these tests require that your eye health hale and hearty. Call your doctor whenever you have a problem with the eyes. Good luck.

Healthy is Cheap

This shift in disease patterns today bring a change of health problems. Previous infectious disease is frightening and a cause of death, displaced by metabolic diseases such as heart disease. Health problems later changed no longer just a precaution against infection, but more important than that is the improvement in lifestyle.

Fast food, smoking, alcoholism, drug addict, is in part the occurrence of lifestyle risk for heart disease and other non-communicable diseases. Lifestyle as it is clearly expensive than avoid it. No need to explain again why lifestyle is correlated directly or indirectly to the occurrence of heart disease as well as not important to calculate how much money that should be spent to buy it all. Not to mention when calculating the cost of treatment for heart disease, because once the disease is connoted "disease of the rich" then doctors prescribe expensive drugs and the various investigations that "sorry" sometimes it is unnecessary.

Healthy living is much cheaper. Only need food to live healthy "normal" simple but nutritious balanced need not be expensive. Exercise, adequate rest, positive thinking, faithful to your partner and clear to avoid unhealthy behaviors, it is cheaper. Do you agree?

Let's live healthy

Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Wake Up Early tips

Wake up an obligation, both for the students who attend school in the morning, for the office workers, and also for housewives to prepare breakfast for her family.
There is a Chinese proverb which says that a person will lose the sustenance if they are not early risers.
Recently I had a bad experience of waking up. I get a warning from the team leads me for being late when I attended a meeting in the morning. It certainly makes us look less professional.
Since then I started to learn to be able to get up early on a regular basis.
Here are some tips that have helped me to get up in the morning:

1. Do not sleep too late

One of the major causes we can not wake up in the morning is because we sleep too late or too early. Based on research co Ahong, humans need to sleep about 8 hours per day. Therefore, set your time to meet the needs of the time sleeping. For example, if you want to get up at 6 am, then the day before you go to bed around 10 pm.

2. Exercising regularly

Exercising regularly will make you physically tired at night and make it easier to fall asleep. Therefore, we can build more quickly in the morning.

3. Determine what time you want to wake up

Before you sleep, determine the specifics on what time you want to wake up. If we do not specify a specific time to wake up, it would be easier for us to fall asleep again when we wake up and put off our waking hours.

4. Set the alarm

Set the alarm is often not very helpful for us to wake up in the morning. Because when our alarm went off in the morning, we often turn off the alarm and fell asleep again. This can be overcome by storing the alarm in place that can not be reached from our bed. Try the alarm is placed near the door so we can get out after hearing the alarm.

5. Immediately wash your face after waking up and not fall back asleep

As soon as we wake up soon see that we wash our faces and do not fall back asleep.

Wake up also has a myriad of benefits. With up in the morning, we can breathe clean air for our lungs. We can also spend some time in the morning to give thanks to God when it was still quiet and not filled with the noise of the world.

Congratulations wake up!